The principle of lies in the fact that we replace antibiotics with herbs,
and rear our chickens with harmless herbs and a special healthcare approach to give 100% zero-antibiotic eggs.

As a responsible corporate citizen, SHH attaches great importance to the quality of the eggs it produces, because they are supposed to bring health benefits to consumers. We would like our consumers to eat healthy.

SHH is the first corporation in Malaysia that produces zero-antibiotic eggs and DHA eggs. We started the ‘zero-antibiotic egg’ initiative in 2008, as a joint effort with China Beijing North Agriculture Technology Development Co. Ltd.

After 4 years of R&D, we have become the only enterprise in Malaysia to produce zero-antibiotic eggs. The initiative was approved by the Malaysian Veterinary Department and certified by Penang state government as well as her veterinary department as ‘the only eggs certified 100% zero-antibiotic by the veterinary department in Malaysia’.

SHH was the only Malaysian enterprise to launch DHA-containing eggs in 1999, under the brand of DHA GOLD. This initiative was researched upon and launched for the sole market need for healthy eating. The brand is one of our top quality labels.

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