The story about SHH began with an egg stall in the market. About half a century ago, there was an egg stall in one of the markets in Penang. The owner went through his small business day by day. But this humble egg stall has hatched a lot of familiar household egg brands today.

The stall’s demand for quality was reasonable, but its suppliers simply could not meet the demand in a stable manner, so it had sparked the owner’s idea of starting his own production,the idea bore fruit quickly.

In 1982, We started a small poultry farm in Jawi, Penang and called it SHH Poultry Farm Sdn Bhd. He developed the business step by step and founded another company--SHH Market SdnBhd—in 2004.

To meet the trend of branding and the need for market segmentation, SHH has successfully created 10 different brands of healthy eggs.

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